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It's Always A Relief To See You Again

Arizona girl, lost wandering the woods. 

Raised in the deserts of southern Arizona, Amparo is the solo project of Lela Amparo. Crafting ambient induced day dreams, Amparo creates guitar loops and minimalistic programming to present instrumental music with a touch of melancholy and a longing for somewhere else.

“Each track is a masterclass in how minimalistic music should be.” - Listen To Discover

“The guitar loop cycles with its personal feeling once more, though is this time supported by a cinematic swell, as though Rains wishes to reinforce the inherent beauty in the situation, no matter how melancholic, and leave you with a mindful appreciation of your small part in the world around you.” - Various Small Flames

“This artist has an ambient and crushingly atmospheric sound.” - Ear To The Ground Music

"It's dark, lonesome but somehow hopeful and really spaced out. It's the kind of music one would like to listen on his own, somewhere far from the concrete jungle. My soul is floating around." - Stereofox

“The word ‘Amparo’ means ‘shelter’ or ‘protection’ in Portuguese and Spanish. This is apt, as this swirling and hypnotic instrumental prog rock track is warm, lush and womb like.”

“She is also the writer of some of the most delicately surreal and etheral instrumental post-rock that I’ve heard in quite a while. Low-key and unassuming, the music does not aim to impress your mind but rather grab hold of your heart. This is reflective music, romantic music, tender music, delicate music. Overall, it is engrossing and emotive. My kind of mixture.” - Overblown Magazine